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City of Tamarac

7525 NW 88th Ave
Tamarac, FL 33421

(954) 597-3560



The City of Tamarac requires vendors to accept payment by Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit is a quick and easy way of gaining access to your invoice payments from the City. Invoice payments processed for Direct Deposit will normally be available in your account the next business day.  Once processed, an email will be sent to your designated email address informing you of the deposit date and amount.

To setup Direct Deposit, please complete the following form and attach a voided check where indicated.

For questions or additional information, email, or call (954) 597-3554 or (954) 597-3557.

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(Email address required for notification of funds deposited to your account and listing of invoices paid)

Bank Account Information

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(Contact your bank to confirm the correct ACH Routing Number for Direct Deposit)

Please attach a voided check, or deposit slip if savings account

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