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Veteran's Preference Application

All applicants claiming Veterans’ Preference must complete this form and include required documentation at the time of application for employment.
Be sure to read the application instructions carefully and provide any required documentation at the time of application to claim Veteran's Preference.

If you are not claiming Veteran's Preference you may close this window.
We will first review all applications in accordance with the pre-established job related criteria as outlined in the job posting. Those applicants whose qualifications best meet the requirements of the position will be contacted by a representative of the Human Resource Department within the next few weeks to arrange an interview and testing, where applicable. If you are not selected to interview for this position, we invite you to apply for other City positions that best fit your qualifications as they become available.
Thank you, again, for your application! Sincerely,
7525 NW 88th AVENUE
PHONE: (954) 597-3600
FAX: (954) 597-3610
JOB LINE: (954) 597-3615
E-mail Address:
“An Equal Opportunity Employer” EEO/ADA Employer
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I acknowledge that I am authorized to complete this form, and am not acting on behalf of a third party.
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